Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mini Severus Snape and Llily Evans Fan art

Update 30/01/2012

One of the best moments in the Harry Potter saga are the memories of Snape's childhood, to me the besssst character ever.
Here the minis of Severus and Lily Evans, the Harry Potter 's mother.

PDF Download:

Severus Snape:

Lily Evans :

Enjoy it :D

Best friends

Different ways

Snape forever alone


  1. jaja geniales gus, quiero alguno en mi escritorio :)

  2. Por inaugurar los comentarios del blog te ganaste 1! xD

  3. una pregunta...donde puedo descargarlo?? esq el link no me aparece y al copiar la direccion me dice q el arcivo ha sido borrado :(

    1. Voy a tener que trasladar los arhivos, aparentmenete para descargar los hayq ue estar registrado en 4 shared y no es la idea :/

    2. Listo, Actualizado a mediafire también!

  4. Gus, your work is amazing, I'm already downloading some to put in my work desk.

    Could you make Harry, Hemione and Rony one day too, please?

    Oh, and don't you like Lord of the Rings? It would be great to have the Fellowship in my desk :)

    Thank you very much for the great work.

  5. Me encantan todos!
    Podrías hacer uno de Spock? Gracias

  6. Would u mind reuploading all Harry Potter's characters to mediafire, please?
    :) Whether not, I've to say Thank you. U r so amazing ;)

  7. How can I download Snape? I can't download any of these?

  8. ¿Cuánto mide cada uno?, ¡Estan geniales! Será el regalo perfecto.

  9. Cannot download it. It goes to some site that wants you to pay to download it.

  10. Cannot download it. It goes to some site that wants you to pay to download it.

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  12. Links don't work, takes you to a random site that wants you to sign up and pay money for fast downloads. Can these be re-uploaded please? They're super cute. Disappointed that I can't get them.