Friday, May 18, 2012

Ken Masters ( doble face )

Download PDF:


  1. Great job.
    Still hope can see Guile, Dhalsim, and Vega

    1. its more probable to i make to Cammy , Bison, but Vega and Dhalsim are great characters!

    2. cool, can't wait to see it.
      I very like characters from the old version of street fighter.
      Thanks to make a few of them (even i want to collection them all :D ). I like your creatures, it's different from the've mix the funny face with the cool mode mini art, that's so awesome.
      TWO THUMBS for you.

  2. and Chun Li obviously :) Hey I can see the Getter in the banner, where is in the site?!

    Thank you!

    1. Chun Li its done, is one the first, check it.
      Getter Robo its upload right now

  3. thank you!!!! Now looking for the other Nagai ones ;)

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