Sunday, February 5, 2012

Master of the universe Mini Papercraft fan art - Serie 01

New Papercraft Master of the universe Fan Art.
A papercraft model based on "Munnys" and  "Pop! Funco toys"
Sorry for not made to Evil-lyn and Mer-man, maybe in the future, I love these character too.

Cartoon MOTU villans  Series 01

Motu Villans Castle





Download links

Leave a comment or critic please :)

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  1. Gracias amigo estan impresionantes estos papers me encantan tus diseños gracias y sigue asi =D

  2. Simply fantastic!!
    Excellent work my friend!! =)

  3. These are amazing. I like the style of artwork and I've loved Masters of the Universe since I was a kid.
    I've tried making a few myself here

    Maybe I'll try downloading some and they can fight it out for the fate of Eternia.

    1. Cool! Do you have nices ideas for triclops and mekaneck, I think i will do the same for his neck. :)


  4. Gracias enserio! Estan geniales!
    Bajando y armandolos para decorar mi oficina!
    Felicitaciones por este gran trabajo!

  5. I'm putting together Triclops together but I can't see how to attach the arms. I assume they go into slots in the torso that aren't there.

    I'm also disappointed that Triclops has 4 eyes but I'll let that slide...

    1. you have to paste on the sides of the body, I will put marks on the next desings

      I have a prototype with 3 eyes but was dificult to assemble, Thanks for the critic!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. i change the links to mediafire when megaupload fall, maybe in the future make a backup the links in other page

  7. Son increibles!!
    Gracias por compartirlos!!!

  8. I love these!!!!!!!

    im putting them together for a friend for her birthday.....

    oh i would love to see cringer/battlecat & spirit/swift wind one day????... :)

  9. No sabes cuánto te agradezco compartir estas pequeñas obras de arte, están HERMOSOS muchas felicidades por tanto talento.

    Mi marido se va a volver loco cuando los reciba como regalo del día del padre,un abrazo grande desde Celaya, México.

  10. Hi
    These are amazing, great work. Do you plan on doing any more MOTU characters?? Would love to see the evil horde...

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