Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mini Chun li papercraft fan art

Update 30/01/2012

// English

I Start a new blog with this "Mini" Chun li papercraft.
This is the first thing I upload to print it.
Any suggestion or doubt in the assembly instructions is welcome. :)

"New PDF Download Link  30/01/2012" sorry for the late:)  

Print in hard paper.


// Español

Comienzo el blog con esta "Mini" Chun li papercraft.
Este es el primero que subo para que lo impriman.
Cualquier sugerencia o duda en las instrucciones de armado es bienvenida. :)

Imprimir en un papel duro, el de las fotos esta impreso en opalina.
(update: mejor en papel ilustración, es mas delgado pero no se quiebra)

Feliz! / Happy!


Chun tirando un "spinning Bird Kick".


  1. muito showww os seus paper toys! posso fazer um link do seu blog direto do meu ????

  2. This looks really cool!!!
    Is it possible to reupload to another site outside Megaupload?
    Cheers :)

  3. Really cool models you have =) Can't find Blanka though! Did you upload it?

    1. Yep, i never upload this, i will tried to uploaded.
      I make to Ken and Akuma too, maybe the next week

    2. Awesome, can't wait! =) Keep up the good work.